Thursday, January 7, 2010
Vanilla Bean Eclairs


My brief trip to Paris last November had me swearing upon my return that I could never again be tempted by the baked goods that my home country had to offer. It didn't take me long, however, to realize my folly. I much as I do miss the light, cloud-like vanilla eclairs of Laduree, I no longer consider it infidelity to crave treats from San Francisco gems such as Miette and Tartine. One of my favorite Christmas gifts (along with my new Easy Bake, but more about that in a later post) is the Tartine cookbook.

The cookbook suggested a traditional chocolate glaze, but in homage to Laduree I left these eclairs simply dusted with powdered sugar, allowing the vanilla bean-flecked pastry cream to dominate the palate. Struggled to photograph them and do them justice on such a cloudy Bay Area day, but I am quite impressed with how they turned out and you ought to be too, once I tell you that I baked these eclairs up in a little toaster oven. Yes! Toaster. Oven. Just another experiment in satisfying my baker cravings while simultaneously keeping the electric bill low. Economical and environmental? Perhaps.

Delicious? You bet.



Sara Tea said...

I'm so glad to have found your blog. Everything is beautiful.

Memória said...

What a beautiful, delicate photo. I have some vanilla beans that would love to be used in this dessert. I'm looking forward to the recipe.

BunnyliciouS said...

I'm drooling..

Heidi said...

beautiful! not sure how i ended up here, but it's like heaven!