Thursday, October 23, 2008
Champage French Bakery Cafe

Today I got my weekend off to an even earlier start. Morning classes were closed today due to the VoteSmart event that came to my university. Unfortunately, the event was so crowded that by the time my friends and I got there no more seats were left except at the live viewing held at the adjacent lecture hall. Disappointed though I was, I didn't lose that opportunity to call my mom up and get picked up early. Well, she had a doctor's appointment so lucky little me got dropped off to frolic in The Village at Corte Madera.

I walked into Sur La Table as soon as they opened their doors and bought myself an adorable little cake stand, the perfect size for all the 6" cakes I make. For the past few weeks every single cake I've made has been in miniature and my regular glass cake stand just overpowers them. Now with the perfect little cake stand to match, there's nothing to steal the spotlight from my darling little creations. My cute new purchase will make its debut on my blog soon enough.

If that wasn't indulgent enough, I couldn't help looking into the Champagne French Bakery Cafe and buying myself a little Carrot Cream Cheese Snack Cake with Vanilla Glaze (for a little over $1 I could hardly help myself) and of course, I couldn't resist trying one of the free samples of the many other treats they offer, an atypical strawberry cheesecake. What a way to kick off my weekend...all before noon!

To get me even more inspired I spent over an hour waiting to get picked up at Barnes & Noble flipping unstoppably through cookbooks and magazines. By the time I finally got back into the car I was more than ready to hit the grocery store and never leave the kitchen until it was Sunday night and time to go back to school.



Ashley said...

Those look so perfect and yummy!