Monday, September 1, 2008
Comfort Food

My last day home before I return to my dorm on the Dominican campus. It's really only been a week of school but I've become so accustomed to the on-campus pace that it feels like it's already been a semester. I miss my boyfriend and my sister most, but I didn't realize until after this weekend that there was something else I missed almost as much: filipino food.

I might have been thrilled about the organic local produce available in my cafeteria and though I still haven't tired of having a fresh salad and fruit everyday, my gung ho healthy habits didn't stand a chance against a table stocked with trays of hot filipino dishes that greeted me at a party last Friday.

So this morning, to get me through a week of classic gourmet options my mom made me a big pot of hot noodles, a filipino dish called Sotanghon. Even if it will hit the upper 80's today this dish really hit the spot and I'll be looking forward to my welcome home meal on Friday and my farewell meal next Sunday night before I go back.